Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wk 6

Hi moms,
We are getting into the groove of it now! The kids are waking up in class, and I'm getting to know their bright personalities! Everyone is doing great! I love the enthusiasm that they are starting to show.😉      
Presentations have been awesome. For week six its SHOW AND TELL SURPRISE! THIS IS SOMETHING THAT THEY WILL PUT IN THEIR POCKET OR IN A BAG , IT IS TO BE A SURPRISE TO THE REST OF THE CLASS, They should have hints to give to their classmates about what they have hidden. Remember presentation is about them getting accustomed to being in front of others and learning these great communication skills one week at a time. We know they can talk; we know they can tell a good story; now we want to help them to start getting control of their body as they're  speaking. This will not happen overnight. That is why we work on these skills twice during our 24 weeks and every year that they are in foundations.
As I said earlier, our kiddos are waking up in class, and although I do not see any discipline problems please just help your children to understand what the classroom rules are and what the discipline action is.
Our discipline system is a series of three dots- these are our class rules.
                            Follow directions quickly and on first time asked
                            Listen when your tutor is talking
                            Raise your hand for permission to speak
                            RESPECT YOURSELF, OTHERS, AND THE CHURCH
From this time on we will start playing games. I will ask individual children different review questions from the last few weeks. Please talk to your child about being able to sit quietly while their classmate is answering the questions, a fun thing to do is to practice raising their hands at home To answer their CC questions. This will make doing it in class a lot easier. I only have one child at home and she loves doing this.
We are rolling now and if all you can do is listen to the music cd's in the car THATS ENOUGH for most young students! We are setting pegs and they will go over all of this same material again. Keep your smile on and KEEP ON PRAYING!!! Remember who gave you this job of homeschooling and being a mom.....Our God!
See everyone next week!
Norma Jones
Norma Jones

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