Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wk 8

Good Morning Moms!
   I am sorry this is late getting to you. This week for presentation only 1/2 the class will be participating. It will be on...
  Show us how to do or make something
Demonstration Speech (5-6 min)                                                                                            
Demonstrate how to do something, make something, fix something, use something, or how something works. Use visual aids such as models, drawings, or actual items. Ask your audience to participate if possible. Ask if there are any questions about your presentation.
This is our first group wk 8
The 2nd group Wk 9
This is a great adventure to do with your child! Think of something that everyone in class can do with your child
 as they are demonstrating.
 You can bake something at home, take pictures and your child can either do it again in class                     
 (without baking) or just explain and show pictures. Bring the trial product in for us to all try!                                   
Teach us how to draw a picture.      
There are SOOO many ideas out there! There are NO LIMITS to what they can do. PLEASE No BB guns or knives.
If this is not a good week for you please let me know ASAP, so I can make changes.
Please Text my phone 985-373-6220.
I am looking forward to all of these creative ideas that you all will be sharing!
Tin whistle this week was AWESOME!! Everyone listened so attentively, and followed directions
the first time. I am  adding these 2 U tube videos. This lady does an excellent job of showing us how to teach our little ones!
First Sounds- (Preview) (Preview)                (Preview)
     Please review your Foundation Guide Pg158-160 also we did Left Hand exercise practice on page 176 the scale on the next page is a big help also, If your child is getting it, do all of the exercise on 176. maybe practice a song on page 178 or 179. This will really excite your child to actually play a real song! Maybe we can learn Jingle bells for Christmas pg 180.
      This week for Science projects we are make our own solar system. You can check out the instructions in your foundation guide pg. 143.
I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend!
               Norma Jones

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